Don’t you love it when you meet someone new and he or she makes you feel extremely welcome? Perhaps they ask you about your family, what you like to do for fun, or maybe they discover something you have in common and now you are a bit more relaxed and you start to enjoy yourself. Isn’t that a great feeling?
Our job is to make every candidate you are considering feel that same way: Welcomed, valued, a bit pampered, and left with the sense that they are the only one you are considering. Creating a warm, inviting environment during the interview process gives your company a definite “leg-up”over the competition. Our services cost a very small fraction of your recruiting budget yet deliver huge rewards allowing you the choice of top talent in a competitive economy.


The Zafiratos Group assigns to each candidate or new hire a real estate agent who will conduct a phone consultation with your potential employee and address any specific concerns he or she may have about moving. Our agent will meet the new hire or candidate at the airport, hotel, or prospective place of employment and conduct a guided tour of the area. We share information about demographics, schools, and the local economy as well as cultural offerings, dining and recreational opportunities. At the conclusion of the job candidate’s orientation tour, he or she receives a relocation packet illustrating facts on the local area, crime, neighborhoods, and real estate trends and the benefits of living in the community.
2-3 Hour Tour: Contact Us for Pricing


Candidates or new hires often choose to rent after deciding to relocate and pursue new employment. We help to take the pressure off the new hire in finding the right area to live. After evaluating the candidate’s needs, the agent will show your new hire pre-screened rental options matching his or her budget and requirement.
4-6 Hour Tour (4-8 Rentals): Contact Us for Pricing


As licensed real estate agents, The Zafiratos Group is highly trained in providing up-to-date information on home values, financing, neighborhoods and their local communities. If your new hire decides to buy a home rather than rent when he or she relocates to your community, we represent him or her every step of the way. From pre-approval and the personalized property tour to submitting an offer and move-in day, we pride ourselves on ensuring a smooth transition for your new employees.